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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Washington Mall Shooting: 4 Killed After Gunman Opens Fire

Another tragic mass shooting has occurred on Sept. 23. At least one gunman opened fire in a Washington mall, leaving 4 people dead.

Another mass shooting. On Sept. 23, at least one gunman murdered 4 people in cold blood at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. The shooter is still at large, having fled the scene before police arrived, Sgt Mark Francis of the WSPD reported.

The Skagit County Department of Emergency Management tweeted out this photo of the suspect describing him as a Hispanic Male who was seen in a black shirt during the Cascade Mall shooting.

Police swept the entire mall store by store, and K-9 units were dispatched to the AMC to take a closer look, but the Sgt said the suspect they’re looking for was walking away from the mall and toward the I-5 highway when he was last seen, and is described as a Hispanic male wearing grey. Several roads are closed in the area to keep citizens away from the possible killer, so Mark begs locals to pay attention to all closures.

Though there is no information on other injuries besides the 4 deaths, it sounds like there are some people hurt. EMTs were finally sent into the building and the Sgt revealed that “survivors inside the mall will be transported via bus to “His Place” church corner of Pease Rd and Burlington Blvd.”

A high school football game had been going on nearby, and the children were all evacuated to keep them safe, according to Reddit user krutter9900, who was near the mall at the time. According to the same user, someone called the police hotline saying they were the suspect, and began making threats.


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