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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Places - Top Most Beautiful Cities In The World

If you're looking for a destination with urban pleasures but also with natural and man-made beauty, consider one of the cities below. They offer a combination of magnificent architecture and breathtaking vistas; art and nature in perfect harmony

  Here in this article I have highlighted some of the most beautiful cities in the world, their location and what makes them stand out from others. Enjoy.

11- Budapest In Europe

Split in two by the Danube River, Budapest is the result of the merging of three cities. Buda is the hill with the royal palace and an old town filled with baroque and gothic monuments looking over the mostly-19th century Pest, crossed by broad avenues lined with elegant neo-renaissance buildings. Admire its setting and remarkable architecture (including the stunning Parliament Building) from the monumental Chain Bridge, and step into the old town for some of the most romantic lanes you'll ever stroll through.

 The city is famous for its historic gothic nature, natural beauty, gorgeous hills and islands. It serves as the home to the most popular thermal spas in Europe, Gellert Spa. The Chain Bridge that connects the Buda to Pest provides a stunning view of the River Danube and beautiful buildings. The city is not only famous for its good looks, it is also well known for the owning of excess of plastic surgeons as well as it serves as the cosmetic surgery destination.Notable places to visit in  Budapest city are

Buda Castle Hill
Budapest Opera House
Matthias Church
Heroes’ Square
Gellért Hill

10. Bruges In Belgium

It's a small city, in a small country, hardly a metropolis, but huge on beauty. It's one of the world's best preserved medieval cities, filled with gothic and baroque monuments surrounded by an oval canal and extraordinarily romantic cobbled lanes. It's no wonder that it is one of Europe's most visited cities, helped by its location in the very center of the continent.  Though the Bruges is a small city, it is huge when it comes on beauty. When you visit this magic city, you will explore the gorgeous architecture and peaceful spots including

Groeninge Museum
Jerusalem church
Brewery De Halve Maan
Stadhuis (City Hall)

9.  Rome in Italy

The city standing on seven hills by the Tiber River is a treasure-trove of monuments among some of the most beautiful squares and classical architecture in the world. Because everyone visits Rome for its landmarks, its picturesque streets are often overlooked, such as those of the Trastevere district, filled with charming lanes, faded palazzi, and lovely homes decorated with flower boxes. It is on streets like those that Rome proves itself to really be eternal. Notable Places to visit are

 Osita Antica
 The Colosseum
 Villa Del Quintili
 Vatican Museums
 Roman Forum
 Platine Hills

8. Vancouver In Canada

The city that occupies the 8th place in my list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world is none other than Vancouver. The city is also considered as the one among the world’s most livable cities. The city is the great spot for those who like to visit both mountains and sea beaches. The city is known for its Eco friendly green spaces, Stanley Park and Coast Mountains. This is the 3rd largest metropolitan region in the nation. The attractions in the city are listed below

Vancouver Aquarium
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Vancouver Lookout
Stanley Park
VanDusen Botanical Garden

7. Florence In  Italy

Florence is the city that was recognized as the “World Heritage Site” by the UNESCO. There are only few most beautiful cities in the world than the Florence city. Numerous Domes, unspoiled skyline, gorgeous hills and Duomo remains witness for this honor. The city holds the ideal examples of the renaissance architecture. If you plan a trip to the city, sure the beauty of the city makes your trip unforgettable in your lifetime. The places that can’t missed out to visit in your trip are

Piazza della Signoria & Palazzo Vecchio
The Baptistery
Ponte Vecchio
Boboli Garden & Pitti Palace
Mercato Nuovo

6. Amsterdam In Netherlands

Amsterdam is the city that is well known as the “Venice of North”. The city is packed fully with beautiful canals, relaxing charms and parks. If you are one who likes to enjoy your life without the bustle and hustle, then Amsterdam is the place that you can choose. The beautiful monuments, apartments, offices, restaurants and cafes are known for the progression of the city. The following are the attractions in the city; these made the Amsterdam to enter into the list of most beautiful cities in the world.

Heineken Brewery
Dam Square
Madame Tussaud’s
China Town

5. Rio De Janeiro In Brazil

The right white of the beaches’ sands, breathtaking landscape, mountainous backdrops, and amazing nightlife gives us the sense, as there is no wonder for considering this city as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The popular Corcovado Christ and Sugarloaf Mountain offers an ideal location to get a panoramic view of the Rio De Janeiro city. There are some people who states that “God created the world in 6 days and dedicated the 7th to Rio De Janeiro”. Once you visit this marvelous city, sure you will also admit the saying. The following are the places in the Rio De Janeiro that can’t be missed out.

Christ the Redeemer
Ardim Botânico
Teatro Municipal
Rio de Janeiro Cathedral

4. Lisbon In Portugal

Effortless beauty of the city Lisbon impressed most tourists and made them to consider this city as the one among the most beautiful cities in the world. The perfectly landscaped parks, beautiful beaches, pre 18th century architecture and cobbled design streets stand as a proof for the beauty of the city. When you visit the city, you will experience the colorful picturesque streets in your each turn. The top places that can’t be missed out in Lisbon are

Jeronimos Monastery
Belem Tower
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
Berardo Museum
Madre De Deus Convent

3. Prague In Czech Republic

Prague is the city that occupies third place in my list of most beautiful cities in the world. Numerous gorgeous monuments, magnificent Charles Bridge, stunning buildings are the things that impressed me to honor this city.  The city is well known as “The city of thousand spires” because the city owns the excess of beautifully preserved historical monuments. Prague Castle is an ideal example for the beauty of the ancient architectures in the city. This city is known for the music, culture and countless churches. The following are some of the sights that enchanted city as one that must visit.

Charles Bridge
Dancing House
Estate Theater
Jewish Museum
Jindrisska Tower
Municipal House

2. Paris in France

When it comes on most beautiful cities in the world, it is very rare to find out a list without the Paris. Paris serves as the capital city of France. The city is most preferred for light, love and culture. The city with the long list of beauty is at the heart of the France. The city is known for the latest fashion and gastronomy. When we think about Paris, Eiffel tower is the famous site that will strikes in our mind. Charming streets, romantic restaurants, cafes, the monumental squares, attracting structures helps the city to earn the name “the most beautiful city in the world”. Once you visit Paris, sure the beauty of the city would make you fall in love with the city. Here are the places that you must visit in Paris:

Musee d’Orsay
Luxembourg Gardens
Musee du Louvre
Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame Cathedral
Le Marais

1. Venice in Italy

Among those who've seen it in person, the conclusion is unanimous: Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, and the only one that can truly be described as unique. Each building is a work of art, with their beauty enhanced when reflected on the canals that cross the city. Its magical scenery is fascinating and breathtaking at first sight, evoking the feeling of entering the setting of a real-life fairy tale.

 It's perhaps even unfair to all other cities to call Venice a city, as it is a place unlike any other, that no other can compare to, or ever be like The piazzas are the perfect example for the beauty of the city. The city includes charming town squares, winding streets and canals. Venice homes lot of must view sights including

Rialto Bridge
The Venetian
Piazza San Marco
Doge’s Palace
St. Mark’s Basilica,

Photo Credits -  UCityGuide/Lifestyle9

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